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Reading Assessments

다운로드  읽기 평가를 위한 Bader 단어 목록  능력. 지침이 포함되어 있습니다.


완료 후 Bader Reader Passages를 사용하십시오.  단어 목록 평가.

기초 수학 평가 워크시트를 다운로드하십시오. 지침이 포함되어 있습니다.

Download the Challenger Placement Tool. 

The Challenger Placement Tool is designed to help you place students in the appropriate book in the Challenger series. This tool is intended to be used together with other information you have learned about the student


Download the Laubach Way to Reading Diagnostic Inventory. 

The Laubach diagnostic tool is designed to help you place students into the appropriate Laubach book. These books are best designed for non native English speakers

Math Assessments

Download the Basic Math Assessment tool. Instructions are included.

Several inventories and checklists are provided to assess the interests and priorities of children, teens, and adults. Interests and priorities of non-English speaking learners should be obtained from their English-speaking contacts.


Download the Voyager Endeavor Placement Tool. 

Voyager & Endeavor: Reading and Writing for Today’s Adults stands alone in the way it engages and empowers students. Voyager provides a solid foundation of balanced instruction to ensure success and keeps students involved in every lesson.

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GED Math Benchmarking

Basic Math Placement

ESL Assessments

ACT Math Benchmarking

Adult Education Basic

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